Uptime maintenance

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Oliverzuk123 написал 20 марта 2019 03:31

Uptime is an online cloud based application that allows you to build operational models of your equipment, integration of data from multiple sources, such as ERP, CMMS, sensor, IoT, excel and others. We have built predictive models to aid in maintenance decisions and the application has a large number of dashboards for easy access to information.


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Kellyleona написал 30 марта 2019 11:45

This is the reason everybody keeps on saying your client support is appalling. Since, you don't have close enough individuals to deal with the remaining task at hand for the organization and it disappoints individuals when they lose their record/things and you take a month to answer to them and explain their issue.

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clara albert написал 19 апреля 2019 09:27

An important factor in the production area is the correct maintenance of all immobilized assets of the company (buildings, facilities, equipment, machines, etc.) that will allow us maximum availability of them according to the company's objectives. Thus, Maintenance could be defined as the function that has as its objective the maximum availability of equipment, facilities, and machines, within the limits of quality and always with the lowest cost, so that the relation availability, quality, the cost is optimum.
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